Inner Rhythm is an experiential program that uses horses’ wisdom to assist people in growing their whole selves: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.


The aim of Inner Rhythm is to deepen your connection to your own internal rhythms. In a chaotic world we need to remember to spend time on cultivating calmness within ourselves, a skill that we can take with us into our everyday life. In nature with our horses, I provide you with the space, tools and little gems of insight to assist you in cultivating more of this for yourself.

Painted Horse, Inner Rhythm

“I’ve seen Jess Liston work with horses and humans for 7 years now, and I can only say that it’s a magical combination. Jess has an incredible background with horses, and a deeply instinctive understanding of animals and people”

John Marsden
Author, Principal of Candlebark and Alice Miller

“We have been noticing a change, a blossoming with Una. It took us awhile to twig and then I think we were independently observing and checking it wasn’t a one off event. She has been more patient, more caring, more observant of others, more empathetic, more confident.”

Sam Slicer
Mother, Co Founder and Director of FloodSlicer