My aim is to support you with where you are currently at in your life.

You may come with a desire to learn simple techniques to de-stress, find more clarity or just experience something unique that will support you in becoming more balanced. I cater for children, teens and adults.

The potential benefits you may gain from spending time in either individual or group sessions are:

Increase optimism, relaxation and awareness
Enhance self-esteem and self-acceptance
Reduce stress, anxiety and fear
Increase resilience against pain and adversity
Enhance positive social connections and leadership skills
Improve your connection with your loved ones
Increase mental strength and focus
Improve your mood and emotional intelligence

Maximum of 6 participants


Children’s 6 week course


These sessions teach children vital life skills through fun and interactive sessions working with our herd of horses. Each class offers opportunities for self discovery while building leadership and teamwork skills.

Throughout the course children learn a natural way of working with horses. This requires children to use clear signals so that both their human and horse herd understands them and responds accordingly. Children progress through the following weekly themes;


  1. Self-management 
  2. Improving emotional resilience      
  3. Confidence building
  4. Leadership skills
  5. Problem solving and Boundary setting
  6. Team Work


Time: Each session is 1.5 hours

Maximum of 4 participants

Adult’s 6 weeks course


Working with the herd of horses, you will learn about your communication style and how your body language impacts those around you. This course gently weaves mindfulness teachings and natural horsemanship into each session.

Each week we build on from the last, guiding you through simple meditations and interactive horse activities. You will learn powerful mindfulness practices that you can use in your every day life.  Each week we will focus on one the following themes:


  1. Balancing your energy
  2. Disentangling your energy from others
  3. Relieving stress
  4. Giving and receiving support
  5. Tapping into your own wisdom
  6. Integrating more joy into your lives


Time: Each session is 1.5 hours