“We have been noticing a change, a blossoming with Una. It took us awhile to twig and then I think we were independently observing and checking it wasn’t a one off event. She has been more patient, more caring, more observant of others, more empathetic, more confident. Finally Stephen and I said to each other, you don’t think it’s that horse thing do you? We can’t help but think that the horse program has contributed to these wonderful shifts – although of course, she was clearly ready to make this growth”

Sam Slicer
Mother, Co Founder and Director of FloodSlicer, Architectural Illustration

“Building a bond of trust with any animal is always special however that bond goes to another level when it’s with a horse under Jessie Liston’s expert guidance. I would never have imagined that a horse could teach me so much about myself and give me so many powerful insights into my personal leadership style. Jessie’s ability to unite ‘man and beast’ in a gentle, non-threatening, thought provoking and compelling manner is both unique, exhilarating and highly valuable. Whether you are a leader of people or just an individual wanting to better understand your impact on others, this program will open your eyes to insights that will provide lifelong benefits. I thoroughly recommend that you try it at least once. It’s an experience that will not disappoint”

Mark Yarwood
Chief Executive Officer, Zagame Group

I’ve seen Jess Liston work with horses and humans for 7 years now, and I can only say that it’s a magic combination. Jess has an incredible background with horses, and a deeply instinctive understanding of animals and people. Add to that her common sense, honesty, problem-solving skills and work ethic, and I can think of no-one better to spend time with. She is wise beyond her years.”

John Marsden
Author, Principal of Candlebark and Alice Miller

“I can only praise those that created the concept and delivered the horse program that my daughter, Jadzia, has participated in. The change in Jadzia once she started the horse program was noticeable almost immediately”

Andrew Chapman
Father, Direct Dilinet

“It was so profound and wonderful”

Hannie Rayson
Author, Journalist, Play writer

“I did the horse program with Jess a couple of years ago and thought it was awesome! There were a lot of fun activities such as riding and feeding the horses and hanging out with the other animals at Candlebark. Letting the horse get to know and trust me was a really good experience.

A lot of things happened to me that I couldn’t control when I was doing the horse program: I slipped in the mud and was in a situation where the horse who knows me the best ran away from me. These kind of things made me feel annoyed but the program helped me be a lot more resilient when these things happened.

If you go up to a horse or a human or into your classroom like an angry raging bull there’s a good chance no one will want to talk to you or like being around you. The horse will get scared, they don’t like loud or angry noises. Same with people. I’ve learnt that it’s better to be more calm and peaceful.

Working with the horses has really helped me understand that what I do and how I do it affects other people”

Ilario Sellitto
Student, 11 years