We all have moments that we can recall when something just felt right, we just knew, we followed our hearts, we listened to our gut instincts.

I refer to this feeling, this knowing as our inner wisdom. Often we can ask other people for advice, for their ideas and suggestions but at Inner Rhythm I want to support you to access your own wisdom.

When we ride a horse in the trotting gait we can simply try and keep up with the rhythm that the horse sets, or unbeknown to many, we can set our own rhythm and with this the horse will instantly adjust and follow this rhythm. We can all fall victims with trying to keep up with the external world and can easily forget, ignore or avoid our own inner rhythms.

By spending time out in nature with horses, an animal that is incredibly wise, we can let our minds relax and tap into this wisdom.

As both herd and prey animals, horses regularly access their heart to interpret information and make clear decisions. Their heart rate is generally much lower than humans and most often is in a very rhythmic state (congruent). When a horse is frightened (incongruent) they are able to return to a relaxed congruent state faster than any other human or animal.

Horses can sense other animals’ heart rates up to 10 metres away. It’s this sensitivity that I harness when working with individuals and groups that enables us to access non-judgemental information about how we are presenting in the world.